What to Expect

When you come into the office, we will perform a number of different diagnostic tests.


Video-oculography (VOG)

VOG is a non-invasive video-based method of measuring horizontal, vertical and torsional position component of the movements of both eyes. We are able to test saccades, pursuits, reaction times, gaze stability, reading abilities, and words per minute. This allows us to evaluate functional vision issues that you cannot pick up with the naked eye! https://righteye.com/overview/

Computerized Posturography (CAPS)

A non-invasive clinical assessment used to quantify how well a person is able to control their balance and posture. In order to maintain our balance we must process information from our vestibular system, our visual world and our proprioceptive system. With CAPS we are able to challenge and test these different aspects of brain function through specialized computerized balance testing.

Interactive Metronome Assessment

An evidence based assessment and training tool that measures and improves neural timing. We can challenge both visual and auditory input against timing mechanisms in the brain.

Peer reviewed studies continue to confirm the importance of timing and rhythm in human performance.

Lab work

We believe that you cannot separate proper brain function from the rest of the body. For this reason, we run baseline lab work on all new patients because this may be a significant piece to the puzzle of your recovery. Additional lab work may be needed such as food sensitivity testing, Lyme testing, adrenal panels and immune panels.

Your initial visit is approximately 90-105 minutes. We do not do any blood draws at the clinic and will send you home with your lab requisition to have your blood drawn at any LabCorp facility of your choosing.