Vertigo/Dizziness Testimonials

I interviewed for a new job and began work the following week. Needless to say life has been as busy and wonderful as usual. I have had minimal dizziness and I attribute my improvement to your expertise and treatments. I really don’t know how I would be able to function had it not been for all the help and hard work from you and your staff.

– Sarah

Let me start by saying Dr. Dana Brindisi saved by life. I went through 4 months of not being able to walk without holding on to something because of a severe balance issue can really wear on ones nerves. The balance issue was a result of having the flu and pneumonia. After seeing many doctors and specialist who preformed many tests and treatments, I still felt no relief. Dr. Brindisi is the daughter of my best friend and she was home visiting. She performed a neurological exam and was able to diagnose my problem. She gave me some neuro exercise to do a few times a day, which included eye movement therapy, chair spins and balance exercises. Within a few days I felt an improvement. She continued to follow up with me long distance. Approximately one month later I was back to normal. She is an amazing person and doctor.

– Maureen

I suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage on 3/8/17 and after an 11-day hospital stay was discharged with minimal instructions on what to expect during my recovery. I experienced vertigo, brain fog, headaches, insomnia and other various symptoms after my discharge. One of my co-workers recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Brindisi, who specializes in Chiropractic Neurology. Extremely reluctant but desperate for relief, I emailed her to see if she thought she would be able to help. Within hours I received a response and a next day appointment. In my first session, she treated my vertigo and within 24 hours it had resolved. Her recommendations to treat insomnia also produced immediate results. Headaches and neck pain are now a rare occurrence. I leave each session always feeling better than the last and my coworkers have even commented throughout my treatment that they have observed improvement week after week. Historically I have been a harsh critic of medical care outside of a DO/MD but Dr. Brindisi has completely changed my perspective. Unlike me PCP, she took time to patiently listen and understand my symptoms and get me through the scariest experience of my life.

– Julie

I found Dr. B after 4 years of vertigo and being told that there wasn’t anything else the doctors could do. Just with our consultation, Dr. B listened and gave me hope. I have had great strides in eliminating my symptoms and couldn’t recommend this clinic more.

– Kat

Dr. Brindisi has changed my life for the better. She helped me to get disabling vertigo under control and continues to help me figure out the challenges I am having with digestion and extreme fatigue. I am so grateful!

– Alex

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