Thyroid disorders are a very common disease in our country and 90% of people with hypothyroidism have it as a result of an autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s.

Thyroid disorders are mismanaged among many due to poor testing standards and poor management of hormone replacement therapy either with medications or supplements. The reason for the difficulty is that most focus on the thyroid gland itself, however, thyroid dysfunction can occur at many locations within the human body- starting with the brain.
The thyroid cascade starts in the hypothalamus (an area of your brain that controls the pituitary gland) and ends at a receptor site on EVERY cell of your body. In between you can have glandular dysfunction, gut dysfunction and detoxification issues that may be preventing you from fully managing your symptoms.
If you suffer from a thyroid disorder and have routine lab work done it is not sufficient to have just your TSH and T4 levels checked. A full thyroid panel should be run EVERY time you have labs done. This consists of 11 markers:
* T4
* T3
* Free T4
* Free T3
* Reverse T3
* T3 uptake
* TPO antibodies
* TSI antibodies
* Thyroglobulin antibodies
* Thyroid binding globulin
This panel gives you a comprehensive overview of the full thyroid puzzle. If you are looking for a provider that addresses your condition fully and looks at your body as a whole you have come to the right place. Dr. Brindisi is certified in Functional Medicine and has done extensive training through both Functional Medicine University and Apex Energetics.

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