Thyroid/Autoimmune Testimonials

Who would have thought that a Chiropractic Neurologist would be the one to cure my two-year battle with GI distress? In just one visit with Dr. Brindisi she was confident that I could eliminate my GI issues with diet. She suggested an elimination diet theorizing that my body was too sensitive to some of the foods I was eating on a regular basis, which in turn stressed my body and affected not only my immune system, but also eventually all body systems. I am happy to say she was right! Within one week of the diet my GI issues were gone (IBS type, bloating, pain and constipation), it also eliminated my brain “fog” I was having, virtually eliminating my fatigue and eczema and just had a general feeling of wellbeing; clearer thinking, more energy, and most importantly no more bloating or pain. I was able to stop all GI medication! I am so appreciative of Dr. Brindisi for being a great resource and support during the elimination diet. It is not easy to change the way one eats. In fact, it was very intimidating and I had to have a weekend of anger and grieving about it, but once I did it- it was actually not that hard. And, when you feel great on it, well there is not reason to change. I appreciated the opportunity to try new foods and the reward of feeling better and being healthier are worth the effort!

– Lisa

My experience and recovery due to Dr. Brindisi has been nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. Over the last 20 years I have had numerous health issues and had sought out help and searched for answers to my issues through many Naturopaths and Chiropractic providers. Ultimately they would provide answers, solutions and treatments that would temporarily give relief but in the end, my pain, and discomfort and over all wellbeing was never corrected. I would have periods of overwhelming, debilitating, multi symptom un- wellness and none of them, including Medical Doctors could ever seem to truly pinpoint the root of my problem. Everyday was a challenge for me. I had my ups and downs until one day this past December I became so ill, I ended up in the emergency room. This prompted me to do further research on my ailments since what I had been doing was no longer effective. I came across an article on the Internet written by a woman who had the same symptoms as me and who ended up in the emergency room for the same reasons as me and was left with the same lingering symptoms I had. Her saving grace was a Neurologic Chiropractor. In all my years of seeking Chiropractic treatment, I never knew there was such a thing as a Neurologic Chiropractor. “Urika”! I said, as I quickly did a search to locate a Neurologic Chiropractic Practice and it had become my saving grace.

I met with Dr. Dana Brindisi within a few days. She was the most attentive physician I have ever met. She listened, ran state of the art neurologic testing and had given me a practical diagnosis before I left the office; one that in all my years of suffering had never heard from another Doctor. She told me that one of my most obvious issues was that I was suffering from “Systemic Inflammation” and she gave me a very strict diet to start immediately. Within a week of being on the diet, I was feeling better than I had felt in months. Every day my pain got better. The following week I went back for the test results that had revealed several other neurological issues that could be permanently altered through her dynamic neurologic therapy and better speed my recovery. She set up a treatment and therapy plan that we started on right away. After two months of treatment and staying on a strict anti-inflammatory foods diet all of my symptoms and ailments have been alleviated for the first time in 20 years. I feel like a new human being with energy and vitality. Like I said, “Nothing short of miraculous”! The best thing is during the time of my visits Dr. Brindisi was always willing to listen and give advice on how I could help improve our results. Most spectacular of all is that I got better without any medication a big NO-NO for me. I am so pleased and happy to have found Dr. Brindisi and I don’t know how I could have fully recovered without her. Thank you for giving me my life back!

– Jane

Dr. Brindisi is wonderful! When I first came to CFNC, I had a few neurological symptoms that were puzzling to me and my regular doctor. I was referred to CFNC to investigate both the neurological and metabolic symptoms I was having. After an in-depth appointment and additional bloodwork, Dr. Brindisi found a gluten intolerance that manifested as my symptoms. Mere months later after following her protocols and receiving treatment, my symptoms went away gradually. I’m now symptom free! I have enjoyed working with her so much that she is also now my chiropractor! I highly recommend CFNC!

– Shannon

How many times have you gone to the doctor and said something is wrong, yet the doctor dismisses you and/or says something to the affect of “let’s wait and see?” This happened to me over and over and over for more than a decade. It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Brindisi. She LISTENED and wasn’t dismissive at all. Genuinely caring and diagnosed what others doctors couldn’t. I’m feeling so much better these days and am forever grateful to her.

– Brenda

Dr. Brindisi is working with me to help regulate my hormone and blood sugar levels. Things have been off since having my son two years ago and i would recommend her to help anyone having these sorts of issues. After going to a handful of Drs., I am finally feeling like Dr. Brindisi was able to get to the root of my issues and has provided a comprehensive treatment plan to aid in this.

– Emily

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis in January of 2017. But had been experiencing symptoms since September of 2016. As a mother of two children my symptoms were getting in the way of taking care of my two babies and interfering with my daily life. I was so fortunate to get in touch with Dr. Dana Brindisi at exactly the right time. I literally owe my health to her. She immediately dove into my case and ordered the necessary blood work to get us rolling in the right direction. After receiving the results, we did a virtual consultation and she set up a protocol for me. The supplements she started me on, as well as, the diet and lifestyle changes she recommended took an immediate effect. Within weeks I was less irritable, had little to no brain fog, was sleeping through the night, was finally losing some of the extra weight I gained during my second pregnancy, and had an increase in energy and libido! Dr. Brindisi honestly took a personal interest in ensuring that I was feeling my best, I could never thank her enough for giving me back my health! 

– Shannon

I saw Dr. Brindisi for Functional Medicine after my daughter was just recently diagnosed with adult onset type I diabetes and she discovered that I had Hoshimoto’s thyroiditis! Crazy! So with different supplements and diet changes all of my lab work inflammatory markers have all returned to normal levels after only 3 months!!! No need for the ever-popular Synthroid as a quick fix. She is determined to NOT have me need to resort to that. I applaud her efforts and persistence to get to the root of the problem for my abnormal labs. She will find the cause of the problem and won’t give up until the solution is found. Please give her a call if you’re frustrated and need a different perspective and resolution! You will not be disappointed.
– Sharon

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1995 and I have been on disease modifying drug therapy since. I have suffered from chronic migraines, inflammation, sleepless nights, fatigue and pain, to name a few. Dr. B was able to help me immediately with the pain in my neck and head. She also had lots of thoughts and ideas about other things that could help me as well. Dr. B is part of my journey now, the one that includes navigating this thing called MS, as well as anything else life throws my way. I would really be lost without her. I cannot say enough about how my life has improved.  

– Nancy

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