Neurodevelopmental Disorders Testimonials

Our son was struggling with focus, negative outlook, fight or flight tendencies and emotions. We received feedback from Dana Brindisi on some areas we could treat with therapy as well as changes for his diet to help his brain thrive. The improvements happened quickly after diet and a few months of brain camp therapy. So happy to see our son thriving at school, taking on additional tasks at home and working through his emotions in a age appropriate way. Thank you!

– Christy

Dr. Brindisi has been amazing to work with and her therapy has tremendously helped our eight year old son in many ways. He has shown significant improvement in emotional regulation with much less frequent outbursts. His ability to de-escalate has also greatly improved, making outbursts that do occur short lived and less disruptive to his ability to function. Additionally, his handwriting and feelings about writing have improved drastically. This is a huge factor, making his whole attitude toward school much more positive. We have also seen a great improvement in his ability to interact socially in a healthy way, and he has started to develop much better friendships with other children. In addition to all of this he thoroughly enjoyed our visits and looked forward to them every week even though we were traveling from out of town. I highly recommend Carolina Functional Neurology Center!

– Amy

My daughter had a challenging reading disability and Dr Brindisi was instrumental in first properly diagnosing the issue and next correcting it through a series of intensive and highly effective “brain camp” sessions. We are grateful for Dr Brindisi expertise and professionalism and also for her easy-going, personable approach, that made the entire experience to be fun and enjoyable for my daughter as well.

– Thomas

Our 8 year old daughter struggled significantly with reading in 2nd grade. Without Dr. Brindisi, we would not have understood or completely FIXED her specific issues that led to her reading disability! Our daughter was able to go from reading 25 words/minute to 114 words/minute in just ONE MONTH!! Her confidence in reading is HUGE now and she has completely caught up to her classmates! Thank you SO much, Dr. Brindisi! We could not have figured this out without you!

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