Movement / Degenerative Conditions Testimonials

When my husband found Dr. Brindisi, he was in an emotionally desperate situation. He was skeptical about Functional Neurology. However, Dr. B’s analysis and initial treatment gave him much hope that there were positive options (mental & physical) available which no other traditional medical practitioners were discussing. The first treatment lifted the fogginess of his brain and he was able to walk better. Her analysis and treatment is definitely worth a visit to explore the possibility of a successful treatment plan. It has changed his life because it gave him hope to overcome some handicaps. It could change your life for the better too.
– Janet

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1995 and I have been on disease modifying drug therapy since. I have suffered from chronic migraines, inflammation, sleepless nights, fatigue and pain, to name a few. Dr. B was able to help me immediately with the pain in my neck and head. She also had lots of thoughts and ideas about other things that could help me as well. Dr. B is part of my journey now, the one that includes navigating this thing called MS, as well as anything else life throws my way. I would really be lost without her. I cannot say enough about how my life has improved.
– Nancy

Dr. Brindisi has changed my life. I had a stroke at 6 and I’m now 32. I was doubtful that she would be able to help given that she would be battling 25 years of spasticity and tone. But I took the leap and I’m so happy that I did. I can see real progress in my arm and leg. It I thought I had seen all of the doctors and therapists who could help, I was wrong. Go see Dr. Brindisi, you won’t be disappointed.
– Robyn

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