Migraines/Headaches Testimonials

I have suffered from migraines for 32 years, since the age of 8. I will be the big 4-0 this year and have never been so excited. I am not excited to turn 40 but, for the first time in 32 years, my wish won’t be to not have a migraine on my birthday. I remember more things that I have missed out on through the years, as opposed to fun times. For so long I would wake up every morning and hope that there would be no pain, and that I would be able to make it through the day without getting dizzy or seeing black spots. I am so grateful and thankful for Dr. Brindisi for treating me and helping me get my life back. I cannot describe the feeling of being able to wake up on a daily basis without pain and know that I am going to be able to work all day and not have to leave because the black spots are getting closer together, which then causes me to black out. I have been so many doctors and specialists throughout the years and have tried so many different medications that it is amazing to know that I no longer need to depend on daily medication to decrease my pain. Thank you for allowing me to finally live my life pain free. Myself, as well as my family and friends will forever be grateful.

– Julie

Dr. Brindisi’s ability to assess her patents in a quick and detailed manner makes her a provider that gives results to her patients quickly. She listens and asks questions to get the big picture of health that her patients may not even see. She managed to talk me into trying a Paleo lifestyle for a few weeks to see if I noticed a difference in my frequency of migraines, knowing I don’t do restrictions well!! She sent me articles and recipes as well as added me to her FB group for other Paleo and gluten free patients so we could all share info. That made all the difference to me and I’m still living a Paleo lifestyle (85%) 3 years later because I found I have a gluten intolerance that contributes to my most severe migraines. Having her efforts reach outside her office hours made all the difference to me and the effort I put into my own health.

– Kate

Dr. Lauren Brindisi has been working with my mother for about three months, and her condition has been improving. She diagnosed her correctly (my mother’s last doctor misdiagnosed her) so that the right treatment can be done. She put her on neurological rehab, and I can tell a big difference. My mother’s issues involve migraines, trouble speaking, numbness in her body, and sometimes drooping face. My mother is becoming more mobile and feeling better. I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Brindisi. I truly believe she will help my mother regain her life.

– Tori

I am so incredibly grateful to Dr Brindisi for helping my son get through one of the most difficult times of his life. Beginning in January he was waking up with daily morning migraines and could not get out of bed. He’s had headaches since he was about 10 or so and was under the care of a regular neurologist and taking their prescribed medications daily, but still got headaches sporadically. Beginning in January these headaches drastically worsened and he couldn’t function. The regular neurologist’s response was to increase all his medications, which worried me but they assured me it was ok. They also wouldn’t even consider that there was an underlying cause to these headaches, instead always telling me that he’d “ outgrow” them. I felt so helpless so I started looking for someone,anyone, that might be able to look further into what is causing these migraines. Thank God I found Dr. Brindisi. She was so kind and understanding on the phone before our initial consultation. During our first visit with her she found out what the problem was! The First Visit! She diagnosed him with POTS ( Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and with other lab tests also diagnosed him with adrenal fatigue and gluten sensitivity. With weekly vestibular rehabilitation , daily supplements, exercises at home and going gluten free he is finally back to being a normal, healthy teenager again. Its been a long and bumpy road in getting here but I can confidently say that it’s all because of Dr Brindisi and I can’t thank her enough.

– Dorthy

Dr. Brindisi really was able to help my daughter. She was suffering from migraines, very low heart rate, passing out and a multitude of other things. She went through an intensive 5 days of brain camp and I am happy to say that she is feeling really good and has been symptom free for weeks!

– Jennifer

Only positive things to say about Dr. Brindisi and her wonderful staff. You will be greeted with a smile and happy greeting every time you enter the office, no long wait times, comfortable atmosphere. Dr. Brindisi genuinely cares about her patients and their recovery, as does her staff. The office and treatment rooms are always clean and inviting. I would highly recommend Carolina Functional Neurology to friends, family and strangers alike.

– Tim

Today was an amazing day; I was so surprised I found myself crying. I decided to turn on the radio and listen to a Christmas song, the next thing I know a half hour had gone by. For many this is nothing special. But for me, wow! This was the first time in 6 years I was able to listen to music without turning it off before the first or second song finished, because of having some sort of headache, head pain or strange sensations in my head. I couldn’t believe I was actually listening to music again after 6 years of avoiding it! Thank you!

To begin, I suffered from migraines on and off during my life. In 1997 I started experiencing swelling and pain, on the back right hand side of my neck and head, with numbness and tingling that travelled to the side of my head and face. I ended up having a lipoma removed the size of a baseball from my neck and head. I felt pretty good for a couple of years. Then the headaches and swelling started coming back. I was prescribed migraine medication. This relieved me for awhile, but gradually by 2004 I didn’t have a day without pain, swelling, tingling and crawling feeling going through my head. I just decided this was going to be my life. I continued to get worse, and it started affecting my work. I talked with me doctor and she referred me to a neurologist in 2006. The neurologist decided injections into my head would help with the scar tissue and nerves that were being affected and I did start having some relief for several months, but not a day without discomfort. Then, each time I went the time was shorter and shorter. I stopped seeing friends, doing things I used to enjoy doing (exploring Maine, bowling, dancing, listening to music and laughing). I became depressed. My personality changed, I started becoming someone I didn’t know. 
In August of this year the pain changed and got worse. The injections no longer helped. I asked my doctor to refer me somewhere else to get another opinion and she knew I had success with a Chiropractor in the past. My symptoms were head pain, swelling, numbness, tingling and crawling sensations, confusion and brain fog.
I was referred to Dr. Brindisi in September of 2013. I was unsure what to expect with the testing and treatments she started with me. But, I knew everything I had tried in the last 16 years was no longer working and the pain was getting worse. I was nervous and unsure, but after meeting Dr. Brindisi I decided to give it a try. Truthfully I wanted to give anything a try to feel better. I was so tired of being miserable. After the first week of treatments, I was thinking, how is this helping me? How are these little things she is doing helping me go to work? She explained to me not to give up and not to get frustrated and discouraged.
I followed almost everything she asked me to do. So, since I’ve been coming to see Dr. Brindisi, within a month I had my first 5 days in a row without pain. I didn’t know what to think of it. It felt strange. My numbness, tingling and other strange sensations are almost gone. In just four months I have had more days without pain, numbness or being uncomfortable in my head and neck than I have had in the last seven years. I am seeing a little more of my old-self coming back. Laughing, smiling, listening to music, wanting to go out in public again. My family and boss even commented on it. It’s amazing to have 21 days without discomfort and pain. I am looking forward to the New Year and seeing what more improvements we will make together with my health!

– Lisa

Life changing. That sums up my experience with Dr. Brindsini. Prior to coming to Dr. Brindsini’s clinic, I had been suffering for 9 months from debilitating cluster migraines that would last for up to 5 consecutive days. It was dramatically impacting my family, work and health. I sought out specialists throughout the area who kept prescribing medications, most of which didn’t help and some which made the problem worse. All of them seemed focus on treating the symptom but not finding out what was causing the problem. I was so frustrated but was also scared that this was what the “new normal” would be for my life. In the FIRST SESSION, Dr. Brindsinin identified that I was suffering from an autonomic disorder and put together a plan for my treatment. No medications, just treatment! I started my treatments in February 2020 and as of May 20th 2020, I have NOT HAD A SINGLE MIGRAINE!!!! Many other symptoms I experienced, such as broken capillaries in my eyes and waking up feeling utterly exhausted, were eliminated once the problems with my autonomic system were addressed. Dr. Brindsini listens to her patients, is bright and inquistive, but most importantly is on the cutting edge of a new approach to medicine. My hope is that functional neurology will take root in our healthcare system and give people back their lives like Carolina Functional Neurology Center did for me.

– Karen

Prior to working with Dr. Brindisi, I was suffering from severe migraines after experiencing two traumatic brain injuries during my service in the military. I’ve tried different medications and other treatments with no luck. After my treatment for the migraines was completed, I am now glad to report that I’ve seen an almost 90% improvement in the quantity and severity of the migraines. I can’t recommend Dr. Brindisi’s treatment enough; she and her staff have been supportive throughout the process and well after my treatment.
– Robert

I made it through a migraine without taking any abortive medication. That’s the first time I’ve ever successfully done that in my entire life…  I’m absolutely ecstatic, this is the first time in my entire life I’ve felt hopeful that I might be able to get off meds because something else is actually helping. I never thought it would be possible, but it is because of CFNC and neurological rehab. Thank you so much.
– Hannah

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