Dysautonomia Program Testimonials

I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Brindisi for helping my son get through one of the most difficult times of his life. Beginning in January, he was waking up with daily morning migraines and could not get out of bed. He’s had headaches since he was about 10 or so and was under the care of a regular neurologist and taking their prescribed medications daily, but still got headaches sporadically. Beginning in January these headaches drastically worsened and he couldn’t function. The regular neurologist’s response was to increase all his medications, which worried me but they assured me it was ok. They also wouldn’t even consider that there was an underlying cause to these headaches, instead always telling me that he’d “ outgrow” them. I felt so helpless so I started looking for someone,anyone, that might be able to look further into what is causing these migraines.

Thank God I found Dr. Brindisi. She was so kind and understanding on the phone before our initial consultation. During our first visit with her she found out what the problem was! The First Visit! She diagnosed him with POTS ( Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and with other lab tests also diagnosed him with adrenal fatigue and gluten sensitivity. With weekly vestibular rehabilitation , daily supplements, exercises at home and going gluten free he is finally back to being a normal, healthy teenager again. Its been a long and bumpy road in getting here but I can confidently say that it’s all because of Dr Brindisi and I can’t thank her enough.

– Dorothy

Having been diagnosed with POTS back in 2018, I was shuffled around to multiple doctors and put on multiple medications to try and deal with my symptoms. As a mom of two young children and a full time partner in an architectural firm, I was constantly battling fatigue, debilitating tachycardia and a general spiral from the life I knew before my diagnosis. After yet another trip to the ER, I decided to look for better answers that would go beyond putting bandaids on my symptoms and help me treat the problem. Dr. Brindisi and the CFNC team have offered me immense hope (and empathy) as they’ve developed a protocol designed specifically for my body. After a few months of intensive therapies, I’ve seen vast improvements and am now completely unmedicated. I still have a ways to go, but I have never felt this optimistic about my health since my initial diagnosis and it is due in full to the expertise and care of CFNC.

– Sarah

Let me start by saying that I am a pharmacist and I put most of my trust in “traditional” medicine. I’ve struggled with headaches/migraines, vertigo, stomach issues, random pain, passing out, and heart rate and blood pressure issues since 2002. I have seen countless specialists, had more tests run than I can remember, and tried numerous prescription therapies. Some of my health issues I was able to get under control and others I was not. My main issue was extremely low blood pressure with high heart rate, daily fainting spells and daily headaches. I was diagnosed with New Daily Persistent Headaches, Chronic Migraines and Orthostatic Hypotension.

In 2019 I started getting worse and no medication therapy was working (or the side effects were really bad and intolerable). I would leave work every day and head home straight to bed. I would spend almost every evening and all weekend laying down doing nothing. I am a very active person. I love doing yard work, crafts, cooking, baking, watching hockey, basically I loved to be up and doing things. By May 2019 I was pretty much bedbound after I got off work with very few “good days” to get up and do anything. I was being evaluated by DUKE for a CSF leak. In March 2020 I had the testing done that ruled out a CSF leak and was back to square one with no answers and no hope of help. By this time I was not driving more than 10 minutes from home due to my fainting issues and I was spending 85% of my day laying down. I was working from home at this point due to COVID so I was thankfully able to work laying down also.

By June 2020 I had made up my mind to go to the Mayo clinic to get seen and get tested for everything. My treatment options locally had all failed. Then I stumbled upon CFNC on a Facebook post and as a last ditch effort I sent an email. Within a couple of weeks I had tests run that I had never heard of and found out a lot of things about my health and my body that I did not know. Dr. Brindisi laid out a plan to myself and my husband. It was a good bit of money and included nonconventional treatment plans I had never heard of so I was skeptical. After some intense urging from my husband and my family I went ahead with the treatment.

In September I started my 6 week treatment plan. In the first 4 weeks I had improved so much that I was a different person. I went from basically being bedbound to up and doing yard work again. I was able to help my husband clear off some land at the end of October. I was doing crafts, cooking for the family, and cleaning my own house. I am now almost to the end of my second 6 week treatment and in the last 2 months I have only had 1 fainting episode, my heat rate no longer doubles when I stand up, I feel like a different person and I am able to enjoy my life. Now we are working on trying to find ways to help my headaches so that I can become unstoppable.

I urge you to reach out for a consultation with Dr Brindisi. Don’t put it off and wait like I did and miss out on life because of those long spans of time feeling horrible. Her entire staff is personable, professional and knowledgeable. To me and my family, she is a life saver. I know that things that are different from normal healthcare seem sketchy and that it may seem like a good chunk of money, but this is an investment in your health. This is an investment in your life. This is an investment in your future. Do this for yourself. You will not regret it.

– Gina

Life changing. That sums up my experience with Dr. Brindsini. Prior to coming to Dr. Brindsini’s clinic, I had been suffering for 9 months from debilitating cluster migraines that would last for up to 5 consecutive days. It was dramatically impacting my family, work and health. I sought out specialists throughout the area who kept prescribing medications, most of which didn’t help and some which made the problem worse. All of them seemed focus on treating the symptom but not finding out what was causing the problem. I was so frustrated but was also scared that this was what the “new normal” would be for my life.

In the FIRST SESSION, Dr. Brindsinin identified that I was suffering from an autonomic disorder and put together a plan for my treatment. No medications, just treatment! I started my treatments in February 2020 and as of May 20th 2020, I have NOT HAD A SINGLE MIGRAINE!!!! Many other symptoms I experienced, such as broken capillaries in my eyes and waking up feeling utterly exhausted, were eliminated once the problems with my autonomic system were addressed.

Dr. Brindsini listens to her patients, is bright and inquistive, but most importantly is on the cutting edge of a new approach to medicine. My hope is that functional neurology will take root in our healthcare system and give people back their lives like Carolina Functional Neurology Center did for me.

– Karen

I went to CFNC for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) treatment. After going to close to a dozen doctors searching for answers, I was so relieved to find Dr. Brindisi. She truly listened to me and was very knowledgeable on POTS. After a few months of treatment, I am feeling SO much better! My heart rate is more stable and does not increase drastically when I stand up; my shakiness and unsteadiness are gone; my energy levels are much better; and my back, neck and jaw pain has significantly decreased. It is truly amazing and I’m so thankful that a holistic form of treatment exists for this syndrome. I am so incredibly grateful for Carolina Functional Neurology Center and I cannot recommend them enough for dysautonomia treatment.

– Kristi

When I met Dr. Brindisi 2 years ago I was barely able to look down at the floor or turn my head all the way to either side without feeling like I was going to pass out. When I changed positions ie stood up from a reclined position or laying flat everything would start spinning and begin to go black and I would pass out cold.

Dr Brindisi discovered that my heart rate was spiking 40 points when I was getting up, At the same time, my blood pressure was crashing. She also uncovered several problems with how my eyes were reacting to visual stimulation and worked to resolve those problems as well. I suffered constant, severe headaches as well as feeling dizzy and slightly nauseous all of the time. Many nights I was barely able to watch tv or have hardly any lights on around me. 

Within one week, I felt significantly better. My headaches are entirely gone and I rarely feel dizzy or nauseous anymore. We have re-trained my eyes to function properly. I cannot praise Dr Brindisi highly enough. This was the most miserable time I had ever experienced physically. No other doctor was even looking at my symptoms from this perspective or testing to identify the underlying problems. I was given medications and told to rest. I would still be suffering with no hope of relief if not for Dr. B.

– Kevin

I felt compelled to offer a testimonial to you based on my amazing transformation the past couple of years. When I first met Dr. Brindisi, I was about a year postpartum with my second child, active, eating well and managing my stress. However, one day I called the fire department thinking their was a gas leak in my house – and after they gave the embarrassing “all clear”- I was left confused about what I smelled. Then it happened again and again, and I started to notice along with the phantom smells I had dizziness, odd sensory issues, tinnitus and extreme sensitivity to smell and sound. Sometimes I would also have a headache (though not often.)

This was all very concerning especially as I was home alone with an infant, and I would have to throw him in his crib every time I smelled that smell, because I knew I would potentially faint when it happened. What followed was a year and a half of over fifty doctors appointments, a dozen ER visits, eight tried and failed seizure, anxiety and migraine meds and 400+ of these “episodes” which caused me to have to stop working my job as a Marketing Manager. At one point, I had a neurologist tell me they thought I must have a brain tumor- and I remember thinking I almost wanted it to be that, because at least it would make sense. However I had (have) two children to live for so this was not really what I wanted… but I became extremely desperate for an answer so I could find appropriate treatment.

Through all of this I tried to stay off google, as googling strange neurological symptoms never results in anything but added anxiety- but one day I had enough. Through all of the noise online, I finally found the website to Dr. Brindisi. I remember being a mix of excited that this place was 20 minutes from my house, but really, really angry that none of my “regular” doctors had referred me. I had my initial appointment with Doctor Brindisi, admittedly skeptical, and the rest is history.

With testing and a thorough clinical evaluation, Dr. Brindisi found quite a few things wrong with my brain. I’ll let her add to what exactly she found because it’s technical and I will misspeak- but basically my brain wasn’t working right in certain areas which then caused me to have symptoms of dysautonomia and trouble with my vestibular system. It is likely that these “episodes” I have are extreme migraine variants and/or small little focal seizures- but they are the result of my brain just not working the way it should. The thing is- that no MRI can show this- and even my EEG was negative. Most doctors only see in black in white- if your scans and blood work are clean- you must have anxiety because nothing else is wrong with you. What they fail to see is if you have anxiety- it can be a symptom not the cause, like it was for me. My issues, while not visible on a scan, were in HOW my brain was functioning.

This is a long story but my hope is that it will even help one person go see Dr. Brindisi who is having strange neurological symptoms. I went from almost two years of hundreds of these episodes, to TWO (2) episodes in the last 12 months. I have started my own business, and gotten my life back thanks to Dr. B. I seriously cannot imagine what my life would have been like if I didn’t come in that day, and while I still have a decent amount of treatment left- my life has been given back to me. Thank you again Dr. Brindisi for all you do!

– Michelle

I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Brindisi and her staff. I came to Carolina Functional Neurology with POTS Dysautonomia symptoms which were somewhat debilitating. After intensive treatment for 3 days and lab work Dr. Brindisi was able to find the root cause of my symptoms. By day 2 of treatment I was able to take a shower without my shower seat for the first time in 3 years. I was totally in awe of how well this treatment worked for me and how well I responded to therapy. Dr. Brindisi and her staff truly care about their patients and they go above and beyond to make sure you are treated with the best care and not just another patient walking thought their doors. I was always greeted with a friendly smile and such up beat attitudes by everyone. I just can’t say enough about Carolina Functional Neurology!! I highly recommend them!
– Ryan

My adult child began passing out up to 2-3 times a day, several days a week, with no apparent cause. It was very frightening to witness these episodes and I felt completely helpless. Among the seven or so doctors we saw, including cardiologists, Dr. Lauren Brindisi was the only doctor who was able to help. Immediately after seeking treatment, my child’s fainting episodes started to decrease. About a month later they were completely gone and POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) no longer ruled my child’s life. I trust Dr. Brindisi with my child’s life and well-being as she was the only one who could provide effective treatment. Thank you Dr. Brindisi!! You are the best and we are both ever so grateful for your genuine care, concern and expertise in functional neurology.
– Cori

Dr. Brindisi’s approach to patient care is the most comprehensive that is available. Her combination of chiropractic care, functional neurology, and functional medicine uniquely positions her to successfully address many atypical and difficult conditions. Her passion and concern for the well-being of her patients is unparalleled, and for all of these reasons I very highly recommend Dr. Brindisi!
– Haley

Dr. Brindisi really was able to help my daughter. She was suffering from migraines, very low heart rate, passing out and a multitude of other things. She went through an intensive 5 days of brain camp and I am happy to say that she is feeling really good and has been symptom free for weeks! Highly recommend her services! 
– Jennifer

I’m reaching out to you with such a grateful heart! I am beyond excited to say I ran 2.5 miles at a 8:00 min pace with NO PAIN!!! I am really taking it slow and slowly increasing my mileage. It’s been months since I ran with no pain! Not only that, I have never felt happier. You all have helped me so much by getting my anxiety and depression under control. Your treatment plan for me helped save me from a pit of despair and anxiety-ridden life. Looking back from where I started – I was extremely quiet, reserved, and constantly anxious to now – where I’m confident, happier and in a healthier mindset. Thank you for showing me how holistic medicine truly can be used and healed. My exposure to holistic treatment has influenced my decision to go into holistic nutrition and integrative health. I plan to attend the University of Maryland Integrative Health program in the fall. Again, thank you so much for healing me!!
– Morgan

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