Concussion / TBI Testimonials

Thank you for helping me get to a point where I am healthy enough to go back to college. Six months ago I could barely stay awake for two hours at a time, and became exhausted by tasks as simple as showering or eating a meal. Now I am ready to tackle a schedule that most would call insane with ease. All I wanted was to be able to go back to school, but never thought I would be going back with no residual concussion effects. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back!!!!
– Skyler

I was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident in June of 2016. I suffered a severe concussion with long lasting symptoms. I tried traditional PT for 3 months, with very slight improvement. After speaking with a friend about Chiropractic Neurology treatment. I decided to try it, I had nothing to lose, and it had already been months of post-concussion syndrome. I had my initial testing in September and began treatment. Treatment was 5 days per week and it is now 6 weeks later and I am seeing significant improvement in how I feel. Dr. Brindisi and her team explained what therapies I would be doing to heal my brain. They actually understood how I was feeling. Until September, I had not felt “heard” by the medical professionals I had been working with. Since beginning treatment, I am beginning to feel like myself again. I had a very active life prior to my accident and I am beginning to regain it! I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Brindisi, she gets it and truly understands, cares and helps her patients achieve progress that others could not. Thank you for helping me regain my life!
– Erica

It has been hard to find the right words to describe how grateful I am for Dr. Brindisi. In August 2016, I suffered a concussion and whiplash injury when a tree fell on my car while I was driving. The injuries were debilitating than I ever imagined they could be. Dr. Brindisi has been absolutely AMAZING. The severe anxiety that the concussion caused at times felt unbearable and I felt like it was just “me”. Dr. B would assure me it wasn’t and encourage me that I was doing well and she would get me through it. Dr. Brindisi knew the right supplements that would help with the inflammation and she directed me towards clean eating. The results were amazing. If I hadn’t been under Dr. Brindisi’s care, I would hate to think of where I would be now. She makes you feel like you are the most important patient she has. She connects with every patient she treats and to me she has become family. Grateful beyond words!
– Sandy

I suffered one of the worst head injuries I have ever had. I knew something was really wrong and honestly I was a little nervous. On September 29th I called and made an appointment with Dr. Brindisi after I started to experience some nerve-racking symptoms (mild slurring, word replacement, poor balance, and extreme fatigue). Dr. Brindisi was professional, friendly and made me feel confident that everything would be fine. Right after the very first appointment, which included a mild adjustment, hand eye exercises and muscle stimulation, I felt significantly better. I went 5 days in a row the first week, 3 days the second and third week and now I’m down to one day a week. All my symptoms are gone, I feel reenergized and my ability to concentrate is much better. Thank you for all your help and your continued support.
– Jared

Carolina functional neurology and Dr. Brindisi gave me my life back. I’ve been dealing with Post Concussion Syndrome, a lot of dizziness, bad neck and shoulder pain, migraines, abnormal heart rate, blood sugar levels being abnormal and many other symptoms for over a year now. I went to a lot of doctors that pushed me away and didn’t care enough to do proper testing but Dr. Brindisi cared and did all kinds of testing to tell me what was happening and why I was feeling the way I was. I’ve been seeing Dr. Brindisi for a few months now and I’m almost 100% back to normal. Going to Functional Neurology and Dr. Brindisi was the best decision I’ve ever made.
– Olivia

It was a privilege to recieve support from Dr. Brindisi during my concussion recovery. I want to share my experience in detail for those who like lots of information. But if you just want the upshot – I am so glad I invested in this treatment as I believe it played a key role in helping me get my life back after spending 1.5 years suffering from life-altering post concussion symptoms.

And now for the long version: My life had been disrupted by post-concussion syndrome for 1.5 years before meeting Dr. Brindisi (I had a bike accident in my 1st semester of grad school). My symptoms included extreme sensitivity to light and sound, feeling like i was on a boat any time i moved, frequent headaches, intense mental fatigue, andn probably lots of other symptoms that I’ve forgotten about at this point! I consulted with Dr. Brindisi at the same time I was consulting with another doctor. Dr. Brindisi offered recommendations for a slow and steady recovery, and she was very straight with me that she could not promise full recovery but that she was hopeful that I could improve with her program. On the other hand, the other doc I was consulting with made grand statements about the efficicacy of his 1-week intensive program in Asheville and told me that he felt confident that we would see improvement in just a week of intensive treatment. Both options cost about the same, so I decided to pursue the intensive program in Asheville because – duh – I wanted to feel better ASAP! My grad school plans already been delayed due to this injury and I was desperate to just move on with my life! ….Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with the results of the week long intensive in Asheville (I hardly noticed any change at all) … I feel like I basically blew $5000 out of desperation. At this point, I was so discouraged, but also super super lucky to be offered more financial aid from family, so I contacted Dr Brindisi and pursued treatment with her. I saw her 1-2x per week for about 12 weeks, and I noticed little bits of improvement most weeks. By the end of the 12 weeks, those little bits of progress added up to significant quality-of-life improvements. Its been about45 months since therapy ended and I have continued to feel better and better! I still struggle with symptoms, but theyre much less severe and I have WAY more insight into how to manage them thanks to Dr. Brindisi’s guidance.

So, if you are trying to decide between an intensive program vs. a slow-and-steady program to treat your concussion, I highly recommend a slower program. Since there’s no straight-forward path to concussion recovery, my 2+ year concussion recovery has involved SO much trial and error, and it was so so so valuable to see Dr Brindisi over an extended period of time so that i could try out her suggestions for a week or two, report back, trouble-shoot/adjust as needed, and build off of progress made in a safe and cautious manner. Dr. Brindisi was with me for the entirety of my sessions with her, answering all of my 10,000,000 questions very insightfully, and responding to my concerns with care and attention. I have no regrets about my decision to pursue treatment with Carolina Functional Neurology Center. This treatment was quite expensive since it wasnt covered by insurance, but the sacrifices I made and debt I accrued to be able to afford the treatment was worth it because I am finally feeling well again! I feel hopeful that I will fully recover one day.
– Laura

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisciDr. Brindisi has been very helpful in my recovery after a car accident. I have had post concussion syndrome over the last couple of months and Dr. Brindisi has been working very closely with me and tweaking small problems, leading to huge improvements after my neurologist told me there was nothing he could do to help. She listens to all of my symptoms and explains everything she is doing in a way that makes sense to how it will help improve my symptoms. I am so glad I found Dr. Brindisi and would definitely recommend her practice for anyone who is having neurological issues!
– Lindsey

Dr. Brindisi was able to help me recover from my multiple concussions and live a much better life. I highly recommend her!
– Jessie

I was in a car accident and endured a nasty concussion. I was taking 12 hours of graduate work at the time and was worried I wasn’t going to be able to finish my work for the semester. Dr. Brindisi took the time to listen to my concerns and conducted a thorough evaluation. After a single week of work with Dr. Brindisi I was able to get back to my school work and have even been able to catch up. She is continuing to work to improve reading speed and other cognitive functions that will help help me to perform better and remain focused. I am still having some issues from the car accident but I am confident, based on the progress I have already made, that when I am finished training with Dr. Brindisi, my mind will be stronger than it was before the accident. Thank you Dr. Brindisi for all your hard work and dedication.
– Jason

Seeked treatment here after lingering issues with fatigue and cognitive function after a TBI. With Dr. Brinidisi’s help, I feel almost back to myself from a year ago. My fatigue is lightyears better after just a month’s time and I appreciated all the time she spent educating me on my issues and how functional neurology can help. I love doing the HBOT too as its relaxing and I’ve seen benefit even just after a few sessions! Cannot recommend CFNC Charlotte enough for anyone with neurologic disorders!

I had a great experience with Dr. Brindisi and Carolina Functional Neurology. I had been having symptoms from an injury about 6 years ago and after going to various doctors had accepted that I would just have to live with them. Dr. Brindisi’s expertise helped me see real progress towards healing in just a few months. Dr. Brindisi was super easy to talk to and the exercises and therapy she had me doing were actually fun to do! If you have long-lasting symptoms or health issues you have been told you can’t solve, I would highly recommend you check out CFNC.
– Connor

Dr Brindisi has been wonderful. I spent years being either being ignored, or being told there was nothing wrong. Dr Brindisi listened, and was able to come up with a plan. My symptoms have been reduced!
– Andrew

The worst aspect in dealing with this kind of brain trauma was not being able to articulate what was wrong, but something was horribly wrong. Almost 2 years after a concussion and my health was not improving, it was deteriorating. The most obvious symptoms, and the ones explained to several other doctors to no avail, was that I simply couldn’t think & suffered from daily headaches and migraines on a weekly basis. Finally, thank the Lord and my chiropractor, Dr. Porter, I found Dr. Brindisi & Dr. Dane. After an intensive initial consultation, which included active listening to the questions asked during the exam, gentle responses and tons of tests, Dr. Brindisi had a game plan. I could tell an immediate difference after the first appt of brain therapy. That alone changed everything! It was horrible, feeling so lost, unable to function or think and everyone around me not really seeing anything as wrong. I was walking, talking, making dinner. It seemed like I was fine, but I wasn’t. If I was able to process at all, it was slow. I wouldn’t have even been able to write this review a few months ago. It was debilitating in every aspect of my life, but was mostly unseen and therefore my concerns were written off or ignored by other doctors. Only a few questions into the first interview and Dr. Brindisi was already explaining to me what was happening and how she could help. So very grateful for the work that Dr. Dana Brindisi has devoted herself to. She’s an incredibly compassionate and intelligent doctor that is absolutely dedicated to helping others & making you well. Making up for not finding her sooner by telling everyone I know to see her now.

When I met with Dr. Brindisi 6 months ago for my consultation, I had brain fog so bad that I could not read a book. I had no energy and could not stand with my eyes closed without falling over. I was recovering from 20 years of chronic illness. Though my Lyme disease was in remission, my brain was unable to function due to years of damage. I went to brain training the next week and made huge progress. By the end of one week I could balance on a Bosu ball, think clearly, and complete many more tasks than before. The change was unbelieveable. I went to Dr. Brindisi every two weeks for 6 months and I am now neurologically healthy. I can think, read, balance, take my dog on a walk, and cook and clean. All of this would have been impossible 6 months ago. Her kindness and encouragement helped me make progress when I nervous and frustrated. I’m telling everyone about this clinic. The work Dr. Brindisi does is absolutely life changing.
– Allison

I suffered from Post Concussion syndrome and some neck problems for around 2 months. Then in one week Dr. Brindisi reduced my symptoms by 70 percent. We still have work to do, but I’m more optimistic about my recovery. Works like magic. 8/5 stars.
– Noah

I’ll start my story by saying I started experiencing what I thought was vertigo and headaches around my 40”s. I went to see my PCP a few times mentioning that and was given meds to help with the dizziness I had, and managed to usually get better in a day or so. Then in Januray 2017 I was taking a Christmas wreath out of our boys bedroom window and made the mistake of trying to reach it by balancing on the bed and dresser (yep, I know..crazy idea) I lost my balance and fell straight back onto the corner of a night stand directly in the middle of the back of my head. Of course, that was pretty scary in itself..but I recovered so I thought. Then about 3 months after that happened, when laying down to bed one night the room started spinning..and I mean literally it felt like everything around me was spinning. And that was the beginning of a nightmare for me. For the next several months it progressively got worse, to the point where my spinning and headaches made it extremely hard to function. I basically did NOTHING for a solid 3 months.

I did see my PCP and she referred me to a neurologist. I saw him right away and he said he thought I was suffering from a “post cranial concussion ” with some vestibular issues as well.. and he put me on a medication that he thought may help with the dizziness and headaches. It seemed to work fairly well, at least to the point where I could regain some of the things I normally do. I stayed on meds for 3 months and then he wanted to taper me off to see how I did, and I did do fairly well again for a couple months.. Then one night when laying down on that very same right side all came back..BOOMING AND VERY PAINFUL HEADACHES AND SPINNING and a new symptom appeared .. a racing heart rate and my BP went up as well.. I went back to my neuro doc and he wanted to try me on meds again, but this time it didn’t work at all. I went back and he started me on new meds, and that night I thought my heart would pound out of my chest. It was truly one of the most debilitating and scary times I have ever experienced, (and mind you, I have given birth to 4 children) and geez…that’s a lot..but this was worse than any pain I had ever had. It felt like I was going to be stuck like this for the rest of my life.

One morning my daughter told me she had been searching the web for ideas to try and help my situation and she came across a place she thought might be helpful for me. So of course I called and spoke with Dr. Brindisi. She was so encouraging and so very nice to me. She seemed to have true compassion for what I had been going through. We set up a consult the very next week. She discovered that I had a right side brain stem injury from the concussion. She explained everything in a “lay person” way for me to understand what had been happening inside my brain. When she told me she thought she could help me, I just cried. The next week.. Brain Camp began. Not gonna lie, it was tough the first few days. I was skeptical…but hopeful at the same time. And YES, after the 3rd day with her I ACTUALLY started to feel better. The dizziness had lessened and the headaches were basically gone. After our week together, I felt atleast 80% back to my normal self. It has been 3 months now since “Brain Camp” and I have only had a few days of feeling a bit off..but NOTHING like what I had been experiencing. I faithfully do my 4 home excersises EVERY SINGLE DAY…even if I DON’T feel like it or want to. It works .. She knows what she’s taking about, and I TRUST her FULLY. She has CHANGED MY LIFE AND I AM ABLE TO FUNCTION AGAIN. In closing.. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brindisi to anyone that is suffering from symptoms like I had. She also helps with people who suffer from many other types of issues/symptoms as well. Thank you Dr. Brindisi. You are and will always be A VERY SPECIAL PERSON TO ME.
– Julie

Prior to working with Dr. Brindisi, I was suffering from severe migraines after experiencing two traumatic brain injuries during my service in the military. I’ve tried different medications and other treatments with no luck. After my treatment for the migraines was completed, I am now glad to report that I’ve seen an almost 90% improvement in the quantity and severity of the migraines. I can’t recommend Dr. Brindisi’s treatment enough; she and her staff have been supportive throughout the process and well after my treatment.
– Robert

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