Category: Functional Neurology

Why Do We Examine Eye Movements?

As a patient at CFNC, your initial examination will include a targeted bedside neurological exam and additional in-depth diagnostic testing. As part of the exam and testing, the doctor will be looking at your eye movements. These tests require you to follow the doctor’s finger while it moves and/or follow a target on a screen…
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What to Expect as a New Patient at Carolina Functional Neurology Center

Welcome to Carolina Functional Neurology Center! We encourage you to read our blog posts, watch our videos, and scroll through our Facebook and Instagram channels to learn more about our holistic healthcare approach and success stories.  As a new patient, you have a few options available to create your new patient appointment. You can begin…
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What is Functional Neurology?

Functional neurology is a speciality within the chiropractic profession that was built on the principle of Sherrington’s 1932 Nobel Prize winning theory. This theory is known as the “central integrated state.” It describes the nervous system’s integrity and current state of function being the sum of all its activating and inhibiting pathways and inputs. Because…
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