A Holistic Approach to Migraine Healing

What causes a migraine? The cause of migraines has been debated for centuries. Scientific research, however, has shown that migraines are caused by improper neurological function, resulting in attacks that can last from hours to days. People who suffer with migraines have a sensitive nervous system that is easily overstimulated by things such as stress,…
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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits

Why do I need more oxygen? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) allows patients to utilize the most important nutrient our bodies need for daily function and healing – oxygen. Under pressure, our bodies can dissolve oxygen into the plasma of our blood in order to transport significantly more oxygen to our bodily tissues (brain, organs, muscles,…
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Dysautonomia: Is your nervous system functioning correctly?

For years I lived with so many confusing symptoms. My heart rate always felt high and I’d get numerous heart palpitations a day, I constantly felt off balance like I was walking on a boat, my legs felt shaky while standing, I had muscle spasms and vibrations all over my body, I developed pain and…
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